Preserving a Professional Lawn Care Practice

14.1 Each member, Trustee or officer of the Association shall abide by the Code of Ethics herein described. This Code of Ethics is adopted to promote and maintain high standards of public service and conduct in order that lawn care justly may be regarded as a profession, that the public may have increasing confidence in its integrity, and the practice of lawn care may best serve the public interest.

14.2 Code of Ethics:
(a) To understand and adhere to the recognized principles of turf management, as well as support and advance lawn care research, technology and education

(b) To provide employee training in the safe handling and use of pesticides, and monitor safety and environmental factors relating to services performed;

(c) To abide by laws and regulations affecting the industry and to promote enforcement. To acknowledge that governmental and organized standards are the mutual responsibility of the product manufacturer and user; and,

(d) To refrain from unfair business practices by:

1. Maintaining a reputation for fair and honorable conduct with employees and suppliers;

2. Conducting business on the basis of services to the public; and,

3. Avoiding false, misleading and/or deceptive advertising.