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Ohio Lawn Care Association Silver Partner

Advanced Turf Solutions

Advanced Turf Solutions (ATS) is a green industry distributor offering fertilizers, chemicals, grass seed, athletic field products, ice melt, and accessories to the golf, lawn care, landscape, and athletic field markets. 

A deep commitment to servicing customers better than anyone in the green industry is at the core of ATS’ business model. ATS is 100% employee owned. Everyone from the management team, to the warehouse staff, to the corporate staff has a dedication to providing the best possible customer experience. The mantra, your success is our success, could not be more true for the ATS sales team. Offering to your door forklift delivery and sales representatives available to solve problems at your convenience, ATS truly offers service that no one else in the market can provide.


Ohio Lawn Care Association Bronze Partners

Syngenta Professional Products

Syngenta Professional Products is a business that helps humanity face its toughest challenge: how to feed a rising population, sustainably. Its world class science and innovative crop solutions transform how crops are grown to enable millions of growers to make better use of available resources. 

Growers need simple and reliable ways to maximize the yields and quality of the plants they grow on their farms. 

Syngenta Professional Products’ answer is to take a holistic approach and create integrated, tailored solutions. These combine advanced crop protection science, quality seeds delivering higher yields, and agronomic advice based on their deep insights into how growers work.


Nufarm Limited is one of the world's leading crop protection and specialist seeds companies. Nufarm produces products to help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease.

With manufacturing and marketing operations based in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the Americas, Nufarm employs more than 3,400 people, all of whom make a vital contribution to the company's reputation for quality products, innovation and first class marketing and technical support.

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We at Turfware have been in the lawn care industry since 1975. When the first ride-on spreader was introduced we saw the potential to reduce wear and tear on our employees and increase productivity.

Due to disappointment with the machines we purchased for our business, in 2006, we began development of our own ride-on spreader. We found most machines to be overly difficult to repair, perform poorly on average hills and to be difficult for new employees to operate.

We spent over 20,000 machine hours of heavy productive use on our own Trucks developing our TR360 before selling our first machine! Our spreader is built to be productive…not to fix!

In addition to operator ease, we were determined to overcome the greatest challenge for this industry; hills and slopes without the rototilling effect. After 20,000 hours of testing and development, we’re proud to introduce the TR360 designed to turn frustration into revenue. Innovative patent-pending designs combined with our in-house manufacturing are the key to the quality you’ll find in the TR360 spreader. The TR360 features all stainless-steel construction, laser cut, machined and assembled in the USA.

Our shop features state-of-the-art equipment for laser cutting, machining, forming and fabrication in addition to thermoforming of hopper lids. The TR360 is a durable, operator-friendly solution designed to outperform from accuracy and control in product application, hill and slope performance, and reliability from durable construction. The TR360 will soon become the workhorse in your fleet.